Virtual Energy Advisor, your GPS for energy savings

Don't get lost trying to be energy efficient!

Virtual Energy Advisor helps you get started saving energy! Virtual Energy Advisor guides you to be more efficient, according to your consumption profile, your behaviour, and your motivation.

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Virtual Energy Advisor Community,
Individual savings is a social benefit

Cooperation and Competition make energy efficiency more motivating and effective. Are you ready to take the challenge and be the most efficient in your community? Interact and share your experiences in the "QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS" section, and become the first to help others achieve their energy savings
Share and combine your savings with other members from your community to achieve together in "SOCIAL CAUSES".

Gamification and Energy Efficiency

Get engaged with energy saving

Who said that Energy Efficiency isn’t be fun? Virtual Energy Advisor turns boring data into engaging user experiences to help you and your community save energy.

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Great solutions hide a powerful engine

Unlock residential energy data for higher margin revenues

Real Time Analytics

Enerbyte's Big Data platform provides Real Time Analytics that produce insights right from the moment data is generated

Multiple Data Sources

Enerbyte's algorithms blend data from multiple sources, such as IoT devices collecting weather and demographic data, to provide enhanced analytic capabilities and insights.

Users Profiling

Nudging end-users for energy change requires personalised messages and actions. Enerbyte monitors customer engagement with the platform to create personalised user experiences.

Market Place

The most effective and accessible digital channel to provide energy efficiency products and services to an highly segmented target.

Smart Cities and Utilities are sharing the common goal to move forward toward better and more efficient communities.

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Solution for Utilities

Virtual Energy Advisor offers Utilities an engagement tool for residential customers. Proactively manage and engage with your customer base by using Virtual Energy Advisor’s custom data and analytics to improve your customer care relationship.

Support your organisation’s compliance with new EU regulations. Generate new revenue streams that exploit Virtual Energy Advisor’s consumption data analytics and improve target segmentation in marketing campaigns.

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Solution for Smart Cities

Making cities smarter goes beyond technology. Virtual Energy Advisor uses data from smart meters, enriches it with data from other sources, and delivers insightful energy efficiency experiences to your city’s community of citizens. Better energy behaviour and awareness of citizens promotes an efficient use of resources and improves the whole city’s performance and transition to a smart city.
Discover how Personalised Energy has helped smart cities like Barcelona, Rubi or the province of Guipuzcoa.

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City of Barcelona

The Project "Take charge of your energy!" is promoted by the City Council of Barcelona and is offered to the whole city as a way to use energy bill data to gain more insight into consumption behaviour. More than 400 homes already use their hourly energy data with Virtual Energy Advisor, the Virtual Energetic Advisor, to discover new ways to reduce energy consumption, and save money

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Argitu! The energy efficiency community for the citizens of Guipuzcoa

Citizens of Guipuzcoa have the opportunity to save energy in their homes, thanks to the Argitu project promoted by Guipuzcoa Province Government

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Latest News

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Meet us at TEDx Barcelona 2016

11 Feb, 2016

As innovative project, Enerbyte's Virtual Energy Avisor has been invited to exhibit in TEDx Barcelona. We will present live demos starting from 5PM. Meet us on February 16 at the Mazda Space, Carrer del Comerç 60, Barcelona. Enjoy the talks!
TEDx Barcelona

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Enerbyte competing for the Global Smart City App Hack Award

13 Nov, 2015

The Virtual Energy Advisor will represent Barcelona in the World competition for the best app for Smartcities
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Virtual Energy Advisor wins the Barcelona Smart City App Hack Award

28 Oct, 2015

Enerbyte wins the Barcelona edition of the competition for Smart Cities Apps and will represent the city in the world contest
El Mundo, Europa Press, El Pais